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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 10

      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 10When you think of sensual, Salma Hayek likely comes to mind, and undoubtedly her Alexander McQueen look will be remembered for years to come thanks to its curve-hugging design. Salma's peach-toned gown features a one-shoulder sweetheart neckline, draping into a rosette pattern at the waistline. And if that wasn't sexy enough, she completes her ensemble with a fresh-faced makeup palette and wow-factor waves. Do you think Salma's look is hot?

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 11Salma Hayek, Francois-Henri Pinault, and their daughter, Valentina, spent their Easter weekend soaking up the sun in Miami. She and Valentina kicked things off on Friday with a trip to the Jungle Island exotic animal park. The girls got close with some giant tortoises, and Salma even hopped on the back of one gentle giant! They then headed back to the hotel, where Salma changed before joining her husband for a late-night romantic dinner. Yesterday, there was more family fun in store for the trio as they hung out by a pool. Francois-Henri and Valentina went for a dip, though Salma skipped out on the chance to show off her bikini body. It looks like Salma's making the most of her time off from working on Here Comes the Boom up north in Boston.

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 12Salma Hayek held hands with her daughter, Valentina, who in turn clutched her half-brother Francois, yesterday following a lunch in Boston at Stephanie's cafe on Newbury Street. Her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, was also on hand for the meal, and he left ahead of his family to wave over their car and driver. The Pinault-Hayek clan is currently based in Massachusetts while Salma shoots Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James. It's her second collaboration with Kevin after last year's Grown Ups, which they starred in with Adam Sandler. Work has taken Salma to a few locations around the globe so far this year, since she left her home base in France for a stint on the set of another project in Spain during February. She and Valentina arrived in the Northeast earlier this month to get settled before shooting began. The big-screen endeavors haven't stopped Salma from exploring other outlets, though, and her beauty line Nuance by Salma Hayek is expected to be in CVS stores soon.

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 13Salma Hayek was dressed up for another day of filming in Boston this afternoon. She worked on a scene for Here Comes the Boom at Logan Airport after arriving in the city with her daughter, Valentina, just last week. We haven't seen Valentina join in on the on-set fun like she did during Salma's last project, which brought the mother-daughter duo to Spain. Salma has more than movies in her future, though, since she's also introducing a beauty line inspired by her grandmother.

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 14Salma Hayek gave Valentina a ride on her colorful luggage as they made their way through Logan Airport yesterday. The mother-daughter duo landed in Boston just in time for Salma to start working on Kevin James's Here Comes the Boom. She's switching gears back to comedy after filming a dramatic foreign film in Spain earlier this year, and it looks like Valentina will be by her side on set for this project as well. Salma does have one endeavor that will take her away from the cameras though, as she has plans to launch a new beauty line inspired by her grandmother.

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 15After keeping it secret for six years, Salma Hayek has revealed that she's creating a beauty line inspired by her grandmother. "I always wanted to do this," Hayek told T Magazine, "because my grandmother, who was a beauty, she died at 96 with no wrinkles. And you should see my mother! We have some family secrets." Nuance, to launch at CVS stores, will include a wide variety of products for face, hair, and body. The collection includes a brow set, chamomile face cleanser, shea butter and macadamia moisturizer, and products based on recipes by Salma's Mexican grandmother.

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 16Salma Hayek was out and about yesterday in Cartagena, Spain with her mother and daughter Valentina after working on her new movie, La Chispa de la Vida, into the late hours of last night. The actress kicked off the year with some rest and relaxation in St. Barts, and recently spent some time shopping with her friend Demi Moore in Paris. She's putting her jet-setting on hold for the time being, though, as she focuses on her new project. She may get to take a break in the coming weeks, however, if she chooses to head to Paris to support her mogul husband Francois-Henri again during one of his brand's shows during Paris Fashion Week.

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 17Demi Moore and Salma Hayek met up with Ashton Kutcher for shopping and lunch in Paris today following his early morning photo call for No Strings Attached. The movie is actually being called Sex Friends in France, though his pal and costar Natalie Portman appears to be staying in NYC and not participating in the latest round of promotional appearances. Their romantic comedy was a hit at the box office in the States, and he's hoping for more of the same with his next project New Year's Eve. Ashton has a packed work schedule, but he was still able to fit in some fun and celebrate his 33rd birthday on Monday — he enjoyed a night of sexy dancing with Demi while on vacation in Brazil recently, and was also able to attend the Super Bowl. Salma, meanwhile, did some partying of her own recently while off in St. Barts with her husband Francois.

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      Fresh Look Like Salma Hayek Hairstyles 18Salma Hayek was in a bright turquoise two-piece yesterday to jet ski in St. Barts with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault. The couple were off enjoying their New Year's vacation along with daughter Valentina, whom Francois was spotted leading hand in hand onto their yacht. The family has been near the Caribbean for the last week with other friends like Jason Statham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and other fashionable pals like Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and editor Giovanna Battaglia — the whole clan stuck together on the 31st to ring in 2011 at billionaire Roman Abramovich's huge bash. First, though, Salma made sure to get in some good mother-daughter time with Valentina, as they brought their bikinis to the beach and covered up a bit to grab lunch together.

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