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    Alexa Chung Hair Color 1

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 1This hairstyle raises a debate we've had oh so many times here at Girls in the Beauty Department--when it comes to bedheady, deliberately mussed-up hair, where's the line between sexy and just ... messy? I mean, none of us really want to look like we just rolled out of bed, right? So let's debate this latest example. Is Alexa Chung messy updo cute or a tad too undone for your taste? Here's what I think: Ordinarily I'd say this hairstyle had a few too many flyaways and strange kinks, but when paired with Alexa Chung uber-poliAlexa Chungd liquid eyeliner and ladylike pink lipstick, it creates an intriguing juxtaposition.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 2

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 2Alexa Chung a British model and television presenter who hosted MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung in the United States of America, which was cancelled after its last airing on 17 December 2009. As of 2010, Alexa Chung has returned to London to present Channel 4’s Frock Me and Alexa Chung will present Gonzo on MTV Networks Europe’s MTV Rocks. Alexa Chung will replace Zane Lowe as of October 15, 2010.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 3

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 3Alexa Chung fresh Hairstyles The House of Viktor and Rolf private view, June 2008. Alexa Chung love of thigh-skimming mini skirts is perfectly balanced here with a pair of classic black ballet flats. Her neat tailored jacket adds a smart touch.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 4

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 4British beauty, Alexa Chung graces the cover page of Teen Vogue’s November 2011 issue. Photographed by Paola Kudacki and styled by Heathermary Jackson, 27-year-old actress goes ultra romantic for magazine photo-shoot wearing feminine dresses. Hot and sexy Alexa Chung looks sweet and stylish on the cover, donning a white dress with bow detailing from Stella McCartney Resort 2012 collection. Alexa Chung is also sporting Louis Vuitton cardigan, Marc Jacobs jacket & skirt, Philosophy di Alberta fur coat and Alberta Ferretti sweater.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 5

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 5Girls are looking for a change from that long, Sienna-Miller boho look of the last decade, says George. "Alexa Chung hair is a variation on a classic bob – it's not too done and not too messy. Alexa Chung wears it so effortlessly and it really works for her look, although any girl can wear it - it's very accessible," he concludes.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 6

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 6Alexa Chung fresh Hairstyles at Tiffany and Co present Skate at Somerset House, London, November 2007. Flying the flag for the little black look, Alexa Chung often opts for all noir, with maybe the odd white accent to break it up. Alexa Chung is clearly a girl that likes a designer accessory; check out the dove grey Mulberry Bayswater.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 7

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 7Alexa Chung fresh Hairstyles at the The Brit Awards, February 2008. Vamping it up for the 2008 Brits, Alexa Chung shows off those enviable pins in a lace minidress. A Chanel-esque boucle jacket makes an elegant cover-up.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 8

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 8The fashion world's love affair with Alexa Chung is showing no sign of waning, with the Brit fashionista debuting as the latest face of Pepe Jeans this week. Although best known now for her TV gigs, Alexa Chung started out her life in the spotlight as a model, so is no stranger to striking a pose, and has starred in ads for DKNY and New Look. The new campaiagn, shot by celebrated fashion photographer Tom Munro, sees Alexa Chung star alongside male models Tom Guinness and Boyd Holbroo, all naturally clad in Pepe denim, plus motif tees and slouchy check shirts.

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 9

    Alexa Chung Hair Color 9George describes Alexa Chung current hairstyle, as seen on UK Vogue's June 2011 issue cover, as "a bit Nineties with the grown-out fringe and centre-parting. And there's some Victorian influences - Alexa Chung loves anything Victorian. There's a Seventies feeling too but it's not really Seventies. It's kind of like when you are a little girl and you get your first haircut."
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