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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 1George describes Alexa Chung current hairstyle, as seen on Vogue's June 2011 issue cover (SEE IT HERE), as "a bit Nineties with the grown-out fringe and centre-parting. And there's some Victorian influences - Alexa Chung loves anything Victorian. There's a Seventies feeling too but it's not really Seventies. It's kind of like when you are a little girl and you get your first haircut."

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 2According to an article in Elle UK, Alexa Chung takes her hair inspiration from 1960s actress Jane Birkin. The magazine quotes Alexa Chung stylist George Northwood who explains how he recreates the Jane Birkin look with a modern twist. According to Northwood, "this is a simple, one-length bob, but it’s cut into for a shaggier feel." What's more, this look suits all hair types and face shapes. To get the color, Northwood tells Elle UK to "ask for a baliage technique, it focuses color through the ends of the hair rather than at the roots, giving a natural sun-kissed look."

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 3Beautiful and talented Alexa Chung has been named as the new face of Danish fashion house Vero Moda. The 28-year-old model, DJ, TV presenter and designer, who has always dazzled with her unique, gorgeous style, features in the fall/winter 2011-2012 campaign of the label, demonstrating some really fabulous, effortlessly cool and ‘glamorous vintage classics from the seventies’. Shot earlier this year in an amazing New York apartment, the photos from the campaign reveal schoolgirl chic, Peter Pan collars, playful polka dots, over the knee socks, and dainty tulle dresses, all of which have a strong Alexa Chung-inspired flair.

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 4Before Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Gisele B√ľndchen, Helena Christensen and Erin Wasson also represented the brand. “We chose Alexa Chung to make a statement for Vero Moda. Alexa Chung is an extremely fashion conscious woman and will surely provide extra focus on Vero Moda’s trend styles,” Katja Hundrup said.

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 5Alexa Chung shaggy bob hairstyle has become ubiquitous among the cool crowd, since Alexa Chung reputedly had it cut to avoid the ultra-preened look of American TV presenters when Alexa Chung was working in the US for MTV.

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 6“We know that Alexa Chung is the perfect choice for Vero Moda, and we feel certain that the collaboration will take Vero Moda to a higher level and provide our brand with an added value since is more than just any model and appeals perfectly to our target group. We feel honoured and complimented and are looking very much forward to our collaboration,” Hundrup added. Let’s agree that the new Vero Moda fall/winter 2011-2012 collection is utterly sweet and stylish, and Alexa Chung really looks gorgeous in all those pieces.

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 7Alexa Chung started her career modelling, signing up to Storm Management at the age of 16. Appearing on covers for teen publications such as Elle Girl and CosmoGIRL!, Alexa Chung abandoned the industry at the age of 20, disillusioned with the effect that it had on her own self-esteem and body image. With vague ambitions towards TV work, Alexa Chung had auditioned for T4 at the age of 18. Her big break would come four years later, when her tape was reviewed and Alexa Chung was offered the role of presenter, alongside Alex Zane, for Channel 4's Popworld. While further television work has followed, it was Alexa Chung It-girl status which has rapidly ascended.

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 8Check out these pictures of Alexa Chung very first foray into the designer world - her debut collection for Madewell. Having only just announced a partnership with the US brand back in January, the pretty presenter has been hard at work to get her first collection ready in time for New York Fashion Week.

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    Alexa Chung Short Hair 9Alexa Chung has come up with a solution though, deciding sexiness is the way forward. Alexa Chung said: "The solution, I have discovered, is to wear everything tight, which is a shame because before last week, this was a look I vehemently hated. In fact, before taking on such a sexless cut, sexiness itself is something I tried to avoid at all costs."
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