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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 10

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 10Yesterday at the Australians in Film Breakthrough Awards, actress Abbie Cornish arrived on the red carpet with chestnut brown hair — a far cry from her typical pale blond color. I'm not familiar with Abbie's work, so it's hard for me to judge her based on talent. Unfortunately, I know her best as the woman behind Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's breakup — not the sort of unsavory reputation I'm sure Abbie Cornish'd hoped for. However, to be fair, Abbie Cornish's a pretty girl with great skin and shiny hair, whichever color it may be. Do you like Abbie better as a blonde or a brunette?

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 11

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 11Abbie Cornish BROWN HAIR. Abbie Cornish (born 7 August 1982) is an Australian actress. Abbie Cornish is well known in Australia for a number of film and television roles, her award-winning lead performance in 2004's Somersault and her role as Fannie Brawne in Bright Star.

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 12Abbie Cornish appeared with her Limitless co-star Bradley Cooper for the cover of the April issue of US Marie Claire sporting a short dark brown lob, the change in hair colour coming with her role in the Madonna-directed film W.E. We're guessing the cover shoot took place back when we saw her shooting the film in Paris, as we've seen her recently on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Australia with darker blonde strands. We're loving that Abbie keeps changing up her look — Abbie Cornish's definitely one celeb that keeps us on our toes with her ever-changing style! What do you think of the cover? Or are you still wishing Abbie Cornish'd stuck with her breakup cut?

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 13How to Get the Look Abbie Cornish: Abbie Cornish Wet hair, use Bio-Gel Mousse, flip hair and use a blow dryer to dry up to 80%. Section semi-dry hair and then loop each section into a big loop with a natural boar bristle brush. Spray Shaping Spray over the brush and go onto the next section. Leave the loops in until the entire head is finiAbbie Cornishd. After your hair has set, release the hair and enjoy glamorous waves

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 14Abbie Cornish showed up with an elegant and stylish hair up do on the red carpet. Het dirty blonde straight hair was tidied back opening hair face and accentuating luxurious necklace. Abbie Cornish looked so natural and at the same time so elegant. This hair updo is perfect for oval face shapes. You can also have a side swept bang or just have your hair middle parted.

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 15Australian actress Abbie Cornish described how a hair extension saved her life while Abbie Cornish was filming for Suckerpunch. Appearing on US TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Limitless star said Abbie Cornish was shooting the new action flick when a fellow star came at her with a WW1 rifle with a steel bayonet on the end. “I ducked it but the timing was off and this steel bayonet comes at my head and hits me on the side of the head,” said the 28-year-old. “It was a really hard knock. I went down and when I came to I had blood in my hand and blood running down my face,” Abbie Cornish said. It was later discovered that the metal grip holding her hair extension in place was what deflected the force of the blow. “Your life was saved by hair extensions,” said host Jimmy Kimmel. “It totally was,” Abbie Cornish replied. “I kind of liken it to the old bible in the left pocket story,” Abbie Cornish added. “Apparently the metal hair clip did really save my life and all I have now is a little scar that didn’t need stitches.”

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 16Suckerpunch star Abbie Cornish revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that whilst filming an action scene on set, her life was saved by a whisker - or rather, hair. In this scene another actor came at Abbie with a WWI rifle that a steel bayonet attached to the end "but the timing was off and this steel bayonet comes at my head and hits me on the side of the head... It was a really hard knock. I went down and when I came to I had blood in my hand and blood running down my face." We applaud Abbie for doing her own stunts but can't imagine how scary it must've been for her and the others involved. Thankfully though it was found that the metal grip that was holding her hair extensions in place had actually defected the force of the blow - quite miraculous! "Apparently the metal hair clip did really save my life and all I have now is a little scar that didn't need stitches," Abbie Cornish explained to the chat show host.

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 17Abbie Cornish dumped what I would consider an unflattering cool dark brown to return to her natural medium honey-brown, and her makeup – while staying at about the same intensity – is now a bit warmer and applied with a lighter hand. Abbie Cornish also lightened her brows, and the overall look really makes her light brown/hazel eyes shine. Instead of looking waAbbie Cornishd out, Abbie Cornish glows. Great choice.

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 18Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish went to Dan Tana's and Villa on Thursday, continuing their now public romance while his kids are in Europe with Reese and Jake. Abbie kept her hair tucked up into another hat, but rumor has it that Abbie Cornish's gone back to blonde at the same salon Reese goes to and in the exact same shade. While people called her a Reese lookalike when Abbie first entered the scene, Abbie Cornish's been looking so different recently with her darker locks. Most of you like her better light and we'll reserve judgment until we see's what is hiding under her hats.
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