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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 19

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 19A coupla months ago, we discussed the ins and outs of Abbie Cornish's new brunette 'do: it was a close call between love and hate, but love won out in the end. Which is good. We don't want a world full of haters after all. Abbie Cornish seems to have kept the length — Abbie Cornish's just being all sneaky and wearing it in a chignon with a gelled, deep part — but Abbie Cornish's gone darker with her colour. It's all for her new role in W.E. which Abbie Cornish's shooting in Paris at the mo. And even though Abbie Cornish kind of had to do it for work an' all, I still want to know what you think of it . . .

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 20

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 20Looking almost unrecognizable in a new darker shade of hair dye, Abbie Cornish was photographed on the set of her new film, W.E. in Paris, France on Sunday, August 1st, 2010. The Australian actress received a visit from director Madonna who jet past the shutterbugs. (It’s her royal Madgesty ya’ll what do you expect?!)

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 21

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 21Abbie is tackling the role of Wally Winthrop, a young married New Yorker in 1998 who is obsessed with what Abbie Cornish perceives as the ultimate romantic love story—King Edward VIII’s abdication of the royal throne for his love of Wallis Simpson, played by James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough respectively. Also starring in the film is one of my favorite actresses Natalie Dormer, whom you may remember as Anne Boleyn on the Showtime hit The Tudors.

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 22

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 22Abbie Cornish is having an action packed day on the set of her new movie, The Dark Fields on Wednesday, March 31st. Abbie Cornish was shooting scenes at the famous Wollman Rink located in New York’s Central Park. As you can see in many of these photos, the recently single actress performed many of her own stunts including carrying a young girl across the rink.

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 23

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 23Is it just me or does Abbie look like a young version of Nicole Kidman? The Dark Fields follows a down-and-out writer (Bradley Cooper) who gets his hands on a top-secret pharmaceutical drug that makes people smarter. He experiences sudden financial and social success but soon discovers that the drug has lethal and lasting side effects. Before long, mysterious antagonists are pursuing him. The Neil Burger directed film also stars veteran actor Robert DeNiro.

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    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 24Abbie Cornish is taking a much needed break on the set of her new movie. The young beauty was photographed sharing an animated conversation with her costar Bradley Cooper in New York City where they are shooting, The Dark Fields. Abbie had some high energy scenes at Wollman Rink in Central Park yesterday. The scenes for today look to be a lot more relaxed.

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 25

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 25The Neil Burger directed film stars Cooper as an ex-cokehead named Eddie who works as a copywriter. Eddie stumbles upon a stash of MTD-48, a drug that makes you incredibly smart, but has vicious side effects, like blackouts and homicidal urges.

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 26

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 26How do you get through a bad split? Do you stay at home moping or do you move on with your life love Abbie did? Abbie Cornish is washing Ryan Phillippe right out of her hair literally! Less than a week behind her split from the Stop-Loss player was announced on Feb. 22 the Australian beauty hit Tinseltown with a vengeance: glowing happy and with a brand-new hair color!

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 27

    Abbie Cornish Hairstyle 27Abbie was beaming from ear-to-ear like Abbie Cornish didn t have a concern in the world! a spy at Kimberly Brooks Dior/Vanity Fair party in West Hollywood March 1 told Abbie Cornish was almost unrecognizable Abbie Cornish was so glam and done up. I haven t seen her like that in a LONG time. Abbie Cornish seemed so over Ryan! The 27-year-old Bright Star actress displayed a sassy new lighter blond color and cut at the fete and had plenty of girl time with pals like Big Love s Ginnifer Goodwin who couldn t stop gushing over Abbie s new do.
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