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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 1An American Actress, singer-songwriter and former child model, Amanda Michelle Seyfried was born on December 3, 1985. She was born in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Seyfried was raised by parents Ann and Jack, an occupational therapist and a pharmacist respectively. Jennifer Seyfried, an older sister of Amanda is a musician in the Philadelphia organ-driven rock band Love City.

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 2As for Amanda’s relationship, she was once linked to All My Children co-star Micah Alberti. She also dated her Alpha Dog co-star Emile Hirsch. Seyfried and Jesse Marchant dated from 2005 to 2008. In 2009, Dominic Cooper and Seyfried started their relationship. However, the two broke up in May 2010. Soon Amanda dated Ryan Phillippe.

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 3It’s glammed up today, but not tomorrow! At least that’s what Letters to Juliet star Amanda Seyfried says of her laid-back approach to her honey-colored tresses. “Nowadays I don’t do much with my hair,” InStyle Hair‘scover girl dishes inside the spring issue. “I don’t even have a blow-dryer because I don’t dry my hair. I probably flatiron my hair once every six months.” Lucky for her that she got star stylist Harry Josh to create four dazzling looks for her InStyle Hair shoot, including these cascading waves. But while the 24-year-old star is decidedly relaxed about her locks, she isn’t opposed to wearing a little makeup. Her favorites? Chanel nail polish, Maybelline Great Lash mascara and Dior DiorBlush Duo in Peachy Keen. “I just started wearing blush and realized how much more alive I look with it on,” says the actress. As for her self-described “bohemian” style, Seyfried says it hasn’t changed much since her career in Hollywood; she still opts for comfortable clothing like loose T-shirts, jeans and flats. So does this mean she’s adverse to heels? “No, I wear heels,” she says. “My legs are long and they’re the one part of my body I really like. Otherwise, though, I never wear heels on the weekend.” To read the full interview and get hair and beauty tips from her photo shoot, pick up InStyle Hair or go to –David Yi

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 4Two of my favorite actresses: Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore! They’re in the movie Chloe together, which comes out in March. Here’s the synopsis: When Catherine (Julianne Moore), a successful doctor, begins to question her husband David’s (Liam Neeson) fidelity, she sets out to resolve her suspicions with the help of an alluring young woman, Chloe (Amanda Seyfried). Soon caught in a web of sexual desire, Catherine finds herself on a journey that places her family in great danger.

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 5Amanda Seyfried is so amazing in Big Love; I am so into that show right now. It’s fantastic. Of course, Chloe Sevigny is so great in it too. Amanda’s hair is ridiculous. So pretty! Is that all real, you think? It looks real, but there might be some ‘help’ in there. It’s crazy.

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 6Who doesn’t want long, gorgeous hair like Amanda Seyfried‘s? Some of which has to be extensions. But, hey, it’s yours if you pay for it, right? Or if you win it from Hair On The Brain! I recently ran my most successful giveaway ever on HOTB for a full set of Clix Professional Clip-in 100% Human Hair Extensions by Racoon International. The response was so great that Racoon USA has decided to give you guys an extra treat–a 20% off discount code! Just enter “HOTB Spring” at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order from now through April!

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 7We've already discussed the fact that Zooey Deschanel has the most perfect hair in the universe, but I'm starting to think Amanda Seyfried is a close second. Look how pretty her hairstyle was at the UK premiere of "In Time"--and then let's discuss how you can go about copying it.

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 8The secret to these shiny waves is to skip one step that we commonly include when styling our hair using a curling iron--gently brushing out the waves after they cool (or raking through them with fingers). Breaking up the ringlets like that helps give you really touchable, natural waves, but skipping that step will leave you with shinier, bouncier waves like Amanda has here. They clearly look like they were made with a curling iron, but that's sort of the idea; they're meant to look girly and festive, not necessarily natural.

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    Amanda Seyfried Hair Color 9Amanda Seyfried wore her gorgeous multi-blue flowered dress with her long sandy blonde hair pulled over one shoulder and in a deliciously loose fat braid at the premiere of “Letters to Juliet: in Los Angeles on May 11, 2010. The braid side of her hair captured a wave that settled around her cheekbone, this led to a poufy bulk before the braid began. All in all, we can tell she looked ravishing. Her makeup was designed with darkened eye brows. There were smoky shadows and eye liner completely around her eyes with lashes and mascara. Our fair skinned lass left her blush at home and went with a light matt rose lip color. As beautiful as Amanda was, I can picture her even more so with a jeweled necklace and earrings of sapphires or, perhaps accessorized with silver.
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