Celebrity Ponytails Hair Trends

    Alexandra Burke - Ponytails

    Alexandra Burke - PonytailsAlexandra Burke - Ponytails: Former X Factor songstress Alexandra Burke styled her super-shiny tresses in tonged waves before sweeping them into a casual side ponytail.

    Angelina Jolie - Ponytails

    Angelina Jolie - PonytailsAngelina Jolie - Ponytails: Balancing out the pony with the front section of her hair, Angelina Jolie does a softer, more vintage-inspired look, using the natural texture of her lustrous locks to create volume, while the front tresses are gently waves to frame her face.

    Cheryl Cole - Ponytails

    Cheryl Cole - PonytailsCheryl Cole - Ponytails: A pre-blonde Cheryl Cole wore this sleek minimal pony for her red carpet appearance at Cannes, with a slick statement side-parting at the front balanced out by a subtle lift of volume at the crown, teamed with the hair wrapped tie tail.

    Diane Kruger - Ponytails

    Diane Kruger - PonytailsDiane Kruger - Ponytails: Our go-to celeb for inspirational 'dos, Diane Kruger puts a whole new take on the plaited pony. Twisting, plaiting and braiding her side pony, Diane teased out strands to create a more undone look. This is a must-try style!

    Dianna Agron - Ponytails

    Dianna Agron - PonytailsDianna Agron - Ponytails: Super slick and sharply side-parted, before Dianna Agron bobbed her hair, this 90s style pony had us all reaching for the hair straightners. Requiring poker-straight tresses, hair is smoothed and given a mirror shine finish, while the ponytail falls in flawless lines.

    Eva Mendes - Ponytails

    Eva Mendes - PonytailsEva Mendes - Ponytails: It's all about untamed texture with Eva Mendes' gorgeous 'do. Working with her enviably thick and lustrous tresses, waved hair from the crown is pulled loosely into a low pony, with waves cascading down into a glamorous neck adornment - perfect for a backless dress.

    Freida Pinto - Ponytails

    Freida Pinto - PonytailsFreida Pinto - Ponytails: InStyle's September cover star Freida Pinto does the more grown-up, ladylike ponytail, with a sharp side-parting and low, nape of neck fastening.

    Julianne Moore - Ponytails

    Julianne Moore - PonytailsJulianne Moore - Ponytails: Showing how the ponytail can work for even the most glamorous of occasions, Julianne Moore wears hers textured at the crown - with deliberate comb-lines left in - and sleek at the tail.

    Kate Middleton - Ponytails

    Kate Middleton - PonytailsKate Middleton - Ponytails: Kate Middleton shows us how to wear the perfect half pony, soft and sleek at the crown- but not overdone, while gentle column curls fall at the ends and are gently draped over the shoulders. The key to this look is not to over-use products, but to keep hair's natural shine.

    Kim Kardashian - Ponytails

    Kim Kardashian - PonytailsKim Kardashian - Ponytails: With not a hair out of place, Kim Kardashian's ultra high ponytail has a fabulously luxe mirror-shine finish.

    Kristen Stewart - Ponytails

    Kristen Stewart - PonytailsKristen Stewart - Ponytails: The ultimate Tomboy, Kristen Stewart downplayed the sexiness of her Marios Schwab dress with a tousled ponytail that rested on one shoulder.

    Lea Michele - Ponytails

    Lea Michele - PonytailsLea Michele - Ponytails: Going for extra height at the crown, this sizzling high octane pony from Lea Michele just requires a little backcombing of the top-section a mid-height pony, and then plenty of hairspray to hold in place.

    Leighton Meester - Ponytails

    Leighton Meester - PonytailsLeighton Meester - Ponytails: Super sleek and minimalist modern, Leighton Meester shows us how to wear the pony ultra glossed at the crown with a neat column tail. Statement earrings add extra luxe to the look.

    Nicole Richie - Ponytails

    Nicole Richie - PonytailsNicole Richie - Ponytails: Nicole Richie does this season's ultra sleek, swinging 60s pony with a super high top, falling in a flawlessly long tail.

    Olivia Palermo - Ponytails

    Olivia Palermo - PonytailsOlivia Palermo - Ponytails: Olivia Palermo works the pony-bun, tucking hair up into a high knot but leaving enough out, for a controlled tail. Simple pearl earrings add easy elegance to the look.

    Olivia Wilde - Ponytails

    Olivia Wilde - PonytailsOlivia Wilde - Ponytails: One of the more daring ponytails we've seen lately, Olivia Wilde makes it work by keeping the rest of her look low-key. With a fringe framing her face, the ponytail is then sectioned off with hairbands and then teased out to give this incredible flowing effect. You have to try this one at home - it's not as hard as it looks!

    Penelope Cruz - Ponytails

    Penelope Cruz - PonytailsPenelope Cruz - Ponytails: Working a more vintage vixen volumous pony with controlled tail waves, Penelope Cruz uses the natural bounce of her lustrous locks at the crown for added height, while curls are added to the ends to give it that ultra glam finish. Use plenty of shine serum for this look.

    Rihanna - Ponytails

    Rihanna - PonytailsRihanna - Ponytails: Rihanna shows us how to style super curly hair, wearing hers in an ultra high pony, with the frothy curls cascading down, with a few strands teased out at the front to soften the look. We love this!

    Rose Byrne - Ponytails

    Rose Byrne - PonytailsRose Byrne - Ponytails: Working her hair into her outfit, Rose Byrne balances her side-swept fringe with a side pony, rested gently on one-shoulder. Subtle volume on the crown gives it a retro-edge.

    Selena Gomez - Ponytails 1

    Selena Gomez - Ponytails 1Selena Gomez - Ponytails 1: Flirty and fun, Selena Gomez wears her pony low and to the side with a softer parting and gentle curls in the tail. Draping her hair over one shoulder makes it a great adornment to a strapless dress.

    Selena Gomez - Ponytails

    Selena Gomez - PonytailsSelena Gomez - Ponytails: For the MTV Europe Music Awards Disney princess Selena Gomez matched her lacy Marchesa confection with a perfectly-textured side pony.

    Sienna Miller - Ponytails

    Sienna Miller - PonytailsSienna Miller - Ponytails: Mastering the art of the boho pony, Sienna Miller always opts for the more undone 'do with a more laid-back, mussed-up, textured look. Finishing with a slick of red lippy gives it an understated glamour.

    Taylor Swift - Ponytails

    Taylor Swift - PonytailsTaylor Swift - Ponytails: Fabulously 50s in style, this ponytail and side-swept fringe combo from Taylor Swift is a hot look for the new season. With a full, wavy tail and soft face framing sections, it's an easy to recreate look - just add a cute ribbon hair-tie.
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