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    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 46

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 46A former model, the talented Alexis Bledel is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Rory Gilmore in the WB program Gilmore Girls. Here's Alexis Bledel donning pastel blue eye shadow with contrasting coral lips -- kind of an early-'70s retro look. "It's all about the pale, matte face and sea-foam-blue eyes," says makeup artist Deborah Grayson, who walked us through the steps to achieving Alexis Bledel's look.

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 47

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 47Alexis Bledel is so gorgeous that Alexis Bledel can pull off either look with ease. Her face shape definitely works with the shorter bangs Alexis Bledel wore, but it also looks fantastic without them. What do YOU think? Does Alexis Bledel look better with bangs, or without? Tell us in the poll below!

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 48

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 48Analyzed the Gilmore Girls (Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham) for a long time and while it is obvious they are Winters, which Winter was challenging to figure out. Like all Winters, they have the characteristics of Cool (temperature) Deep (intensity) and Clear (vs. muted) but I decided that Alexis Bledel was a Clear Winter because of her eyes. "Clear" seasons have the unique trait of bright or sparkling eyes. While Lauren Graham has beautiful blue eyes, I feel that Alexis Bledel's are up a notch on the brightness scale, making her a Clear Winter. While both of them will share many of the same Winter colors--like black, royal blue, true red, etc--Alexis Bledel could also wear a few of the brightest and clearest warm colors from the Clear Spring palette too. I don't see Lauren wearing anything warm. Thus making her a Cool Winter. Can you tell the slight but important difference in the eyes?

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 49

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 49Alexis Bledel, the 28 year old (born in 1981) gorgeous American actress/model is best known for her role as Rory Gilmore in the television series Gilmore Girls. Alexis Bledel made herself noticed because of her beauty. Alexis Bledel has very soft facial features, facial features which make her look like “the girl next door”. Her freckled fair skin, chocolate hair and gorgeous blue eyes contribute to a very gentle and adorable look.

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 50

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 50Alexis Bledel hair color seems to have always fallen in the brown category. From light brown to dark brown shades, they all complement Alexis Bledel’s fair skin. The best things about her hairstyle and hair color is that they enhance her beautiful eyes. Her gorgeous blue eyes pop due to the dark coloration of her hair, making you think of the Caribbean sea water.

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 51

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 51Alexis Bledel has always kept her hair medium length. Medium length hair allows different hairstyles to be performed as well as maintaining the hairs maintenance level a bit lower than on long hairstyles. Since her hair type is naturally straight this is how Alexis Bledel usually wears it. Sleek straight hair softens the facial features and has a slimming effect over the face. Alexis Bledel’s sleek straight hair suits her perfectly. Her bangs help her hide her wide forehead, so Alexis Bledel knows how to enhance or conceal certain facial features with the help of her hairstyles.

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 52

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 52Curly hairstyles look great and help create an innocent look. Since there are so many ways of curling your hair with the help of curling irons, rollers, diffusers, or as a more permanent solution perms, you can easily obtain a curly hairstyle. Alexis Bledel looks incredible with curly hair. Alexis Bledel opted for well defined curls, which give her hair a lot of volume and texture. Pulled up hairstyles are great hairstyles because of their low maintenance and easy styling.

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 53

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 53For casual wear choose a ballerina bun hairstyle or a ponytail hairstyle and for more formal wear choose a classic updo. Alexis Bledel has been seen wearing a simple ponytail hairstyle to several events and ballerina bun hairstyles and Alexis Bledel looked incredible with either one.

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 54

    Alexis Bledel Hairstyle 54Alexis Bledel looks great no matter what. It seems that Alexis Bledel knows very well how to enhance her beautiful facial features choosing simple, yet stunning hairstyles. Inspire your hairstyles from Alexis Bledel because Alexis Bledel is truly a celebrity which makes simple hairstyles look great.
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