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    Molly Sims Hair 1Born and raised in Murray, Kentucky, Molly Sims enrolled in Vanderbilt University for two years. But she dropped out in 1993 to pursue a career in modeling. While she was in Vanderbilt, Molly was a member of Delta Delta Delta. In the fashion world, she was an official spokes-model for Old Navy ads known for using the tag line ‘You gotta get this look!’ This actress is known for her beautiful looks as well as sophisticated style. Molly Sims Hairstyles are considered to be fun, flirty and very chic.

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    Molly Sims Hair 2Molly appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006 as well as MTV’s House of Style. In the 2006 issue, Molly appeared in a photo wearing an extremely skimpy bikini worth US$30 million that was made of diamonds. As she was a cover girl model, her modeling career zoomed along with the edition.

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    Molly Sims Hair 3She is also loved for her popular role of Delinda Deline in the series Las Vegas. The program has ensured that Molly remains in*the public eye constantly. Currently in the series, she has been engaged to Danny McCoy, Josh Duhamel.

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    Molly Sims Hair 4Her recent break up from the six-year relationship with actor Enrique Murciano was a main media focus all over the world. It was widely publicized that the couple was at the point in the relationship where it was time to get married or go their separate ways.

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    Molly Sims Hair 5Molly appeared in the 2006 comedy The Benchwarmers. The projects in the pipeline for the actress include the movie The Pink Panther Deux. Quite surprisingly, people hardly believe that Molly is a hardcore yoga freak. She currently studies at Maha Yoga, in Santa Monica CA , with yogi Kathleen Kastner.

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    Molly Sims Hair 6In her acting career, some of the most remerkable roles she has played till date include Las Vegas... Delinda Deline (2003-2008) (TV); Venus & Vegas (2007); The Benchwarmers (2006), Starsky & Hutch (2004); and House of Style (2000) (TV). In her entire career, she has been noticed for her physical features, looks and hairstyles. Molly Sims Hairstyles are considered to be ravishing, trendy and funky. Some of her magnificent hairstyles are mentioned hereunder:

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    Molly Sims Hair 7Molly looked great at The Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in this stunning hairdo. In the style, the actress cut her wavy length resting below the shoulder level. Then the sides were layered and the top pinned up slightly to expose her cute angular facial cut. People having oval or square face shapes would find this style a great option. To create this style you can utilize blow dry technique using curling iron.

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    Molly Sims Hair 8At the premier of Lost City in Los Angeles, Molly looked beautiful in her gorgeous blonde waves. To create this wavy style the actress cut the layers short and the top section was trimmed into medium volume. This cut is one of the best options for those having oval, oblong, square, heart, and diamond shape face structures. For this hairstyle, the products recommended are gel, wax, sculpture lotion, and hair spray.

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    Molly Sims Hair 9Molly looks funky at the 5th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show. The funky style was created to add volume to the top section and the actress trimmed her sides with enhanced bangs that complemented her face. The entire texture of hair for this design was structured into medium density. Sparing around 30 minutes or more, you must use blow dry process with the help of some mousse, gel spray, smoothing shine, and moulding cream to create this unique style.

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    Molly Sims Hair 10This long and sexy style gives Molly a great and attractive look. In fact, short cut is one of the sexiest hairstyles Molly ever carried so far. To create this style the Benchwarmer actress trimmed her short swept layers throughout the sides and back. This style is suitable for those having oval, round, square, heart, and triangular facial cuts. This hairdo is great for all weather conditions.

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    Molly Sims Hair 11Known as the Kentucky woman in the $30 billion diamond bikini (Sports Illustrated, 2006), Molly Sims has her own jewelry line, Grayce by Molly Sims, which is influenced by icons like Jackie O. and Brigitte Bardot. No wonder the natural Level 5 now favors a less “beachy” more multi-faceted blonde, which comes from celebrity colorist and Redken Creative Consultant Tracey Cunningham:

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    Molly Sims Hair 12Celebrities are THE fashion icons for beauty, makeup -- and of course, hairstyles. Molly Sims is no exception. That's why we've got Molly Sims photo galleries, pictures, and general beauty news on this celeb. Her style is totally inspiring and worth checking out. So if you're searching for some beauty tips, hairstyle options, and fashion advice, turn to Molly Sims. She'll bring your fashion to a whole new place.

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    Molly Sims Hair 13In 2004 NBC introduced Las Vegas which was developed by Gary Scott Thompson of The Fast and the Furious fame. The fast-paced, sexy drama follows the elite Las Vegas surveillance team charged with maintaining the security of one of Sin City's largest resorts and casinos.

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    Molly Sims Hair 14James Caan stars as Big Ed Deline, the head of the surveillance team for the Montecito Resort & Casio. His protg is Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel). If the typical job pressures of dealing with card counters, cheaters and rival casinos weren't enough, Big Ed has to contend with the fact that Danny was caught in bed with his only daughter, Delinda (Molly Sims, MTV's House of Style).

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    Molly Sims Hair 15A true Southern Belle, Molly is a classic Gemini (5-25-73) beauty who spent ten years working around the supermodel block. During her ten years in the professional posing world, Molly made a huge splash as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit star.
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