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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 1As I was typing up this week’s news about Jackie Earle Haley and Bella Heathcote both listed as being “in talks” for roles in Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows redux, I found myself wondering when they would announce who was playing Angelique, the main villain in the supernatural soap update. In the original series, Angelique was a constant pain in the ass for Barnabas Collins. She was a servant girl in 1795 with whom he messed around, to his shame. When he tells her it’s over, she goes berserk and puts a curse on his entire family. People start dying, lost souls roam the property, Barnabas becomes a vampire; it’s a real dick move on Angelique’s part.

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 2Angelique continued to pester the living shit out of Barnabas throughout the centuries, and throughout the series.Now, according to deadline.com, this pivotal role has been cast, and as far as I’m concerned it’s more good news as Eva Green (Casino Royale) has taken the role of Angelique. If you’re in proximity to any of the show’s hardcore fans, you will doubtlessly hear them freeeak the hell out over a brunette being cast in the role originated by Lara Parker. But as her last big blockbuster* proved, hair color doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of casting iconic roles, and Eva Green is certainly easy to imagine as a temptress with a mean streak. It’s becoming harder and harder to remain cynical with the kind of casting news we’ve gotten this week. Green is the goods; it would seem Burton and Depp aren’t screwing around here. I hope they can pull this off.

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 3

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 3Here are the some of the newest and hottest pictures of Eva Green hairstyles and get new ideas for your hair style that makes you looks like your favorite Celebrity Eva Green .See Eva Green hot pics Photo Gallery and her latest pictures, Hot pics and Wallpapers.Follow the celebrities to see what accessories they are wearing on the red carpet, at fashion shows, on the set and at other appearances.Find the latest news, pictures, and opinions about this Hot celebrity.

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 4

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 4Eva Green’s long brunette hairstyle. Eva Green is wearing her gorgeous thick long locks in a long wavy/curly hairstyle while attending the screening of ‘Franklyn’ at the Times BFI London Film Festival at oden Westend, London England. This hairstyle is beautiful and what makes it even more is the healthy look of the hair and the solid color of the strands which work very well with her pale skin tone. The hairstyle itself is thick luscious long waves and curls that give almost a retro type feel with a little bit of romance. This hairstyle is great for many different occasions and a excellent choice for anyone with thick long hair.

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 5

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 5Dark and sultry was the order of the day for both Eva Green and Gemma Arteton. While Eva looked Dita-esque with tumbling waves, Gemma kept her styling simple with piles of body. Warren says: "With her recent campaign with GStar and her appearance at New York Fashion Week, Gemma us becoming somewhat of a fashion icon. The fashion industry love her and you can see why."

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 6She went for a Bardot inspired look, with the ends finished to look more raw. To make this look work, it's imperative the layering around the face is really long and sits just above the length. She has great hair to work with. Its thick, moves and will keep shape; a perfect style for her face shape.

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 7As for Eva, Warren says: "Many people go for this look and fail with the way it's styled around the face, but Eva nails it here! Her make up is perfectly complemented, as is her dress. It's crucial that you use a heated roller or two at the front in a triangular section to get the height and movement to form a quiff at the front."

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 8Eva Green in May of 2010 where she launches Montblanc’s New Pen at the Harrods Knightsbridge store in London. She looked beautiful for the event. She wore her long dark hair wavy and parted on the side. This style is very reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. We love this hairstyle!

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 9Actress Eva Green is wearing a gorgeous wavy long hairstyle when attending the Montblanc White Nights Festival Gala Concert at the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia. Eva Green is wearing a long hairstyle. @ctress Eva Green and pianist Lang Lang attend the Montblanc White Nights Festival Gala Concert.

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 10

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 10Eva Green also attended the BAFTA awards and wears her hair in soft curls. Use the same method as above, but after you take out your hot rollers, use a large flat brush to loosen the curls and give your crown and smooth look.

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 11

    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 11Eva Green is wearing her stylish thick long locks in a long wavy/curly hairstyle while attending the screening of ‘Franklyn’. This hairstyle is fashionable and what makes it even more is the healthy look of the hair and the solid color of the strands which work very well with her pale skin tone.

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 12Eva Green was born Eva Gaëlle Green on July 5, 1980, in Paris, France. She has a non-identical twin sister. Her father, named Walter Green, is a Swedish dentist who once appeared in the 1966 film Au hasard Balthazar (1966). Her mother, named Marlène Jobert, is an Algerian-born (during the time Algeria was part of France) French actress who retired from acting and became a writer of children's books. Young Eva Green left French school at 17. She switched to English in Ramsgate, Kent, and went to the American School in France for one year. She studied acting at Saint Paul Drama School in Paris for three years, then had a 10-week polishing course at the Weber Douglas Academy of dramatic Art in London. She also studied directing at the Tisch School of Arts at New York University.

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 13Bond girls are known for being smoldering hot and Eva Green is no exception. She can be seen in many messy hairstyles but always seems to pull them off magnificently. The dark, brunette hair seems to bring out her piercing blue eyes and very feminine facial features. This Bond girl definitely rocks that mysterious, hot style everyone wants.

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 14Former Bond girl Eva Green has old Hollywood glamour down to an art. I know her style can be somewhat eccentric at times (remember her crazy backcombed-to-max-then-dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards hair at the '07 BAFTAs?) but I think she got it just right at the 2010 Evening Standard British Film Awards in London last night. The pearlescent orange-rouge lip works amazingly well against her porcelain skin and I love how she kept the rest of her makeup minimal. The pretty 1920s-inspired hairstyle is also a winner for me; what about you?

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    Eva Green Hairstyles Photos 15Eva Green est en couverture du magazine Elle, version russe, de ce mois d'octobre. L'actrice française est en ce moment en tournage de la série tv Camelot où elle incarne le personnage de Morgan. Elle est entourée des acteurs Joseph Fiennes (Merlin), Jamie Campbell Bower (King Arthur), Tamsin Egerton (Guinevere), Clive Standen (Gawain), entre autres. Au cinéma, Eva est aussi prévue aux génériques de Perfect Sense, au côté d'Ewan McGregor, et de Callas où elle joue le rôle de Maria Callas.
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