Famous Slicked Hairstyle 02

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 7

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 7The advantage of such hairstyles is the low maintains. All you have to do is to apply wax and comb your hair. Depending on your face shape, you can have deep side parting or just comb back your hair. Some designers used slicked ballerina bun hairstyles on the shows.

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 8

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 8To have this elegant bun, you will have to make a deep side parting and tie your hair into a ponytail. Then twist the edges into a bun and fix it with pins. In order to have glossy hairstyle, you can apply hair gel.

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 9

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 9Your casual ponytail will have a flirty and hot look, if you wear it slicked. You can use your imagination and add some thin braids and twists to your hairstyle. For a formal occasion this hairstyle will look gorgeous and smashing with bold makeup like smoky eyes and accentuated lips.

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 10

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 10We saw lots of updo styles on the spring/summer 2011 runway shows. Maybe the 'Black Swan' effect is the reason behind this explosion of stunning buns seen on a myriad of catwalks. ChloƩ, Viktor & Rolf, Costume National, Versace and Jil Sander are some of the designers that came up with tidy versions of the classic ballerina bun. You can rock this style too choosing a gorgeous bun and even adding a hair accessory for a more modern edge. If you're not confident and 100% sure you want to show off your face entirely, don't try this trend.

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 11

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 11For the ladylike, polished and flawless finish as spotted at ChloƩ, smooth out and untangle your hair perfectly. Make a deep side parting and pull hair back tight (but not too tight if you want to avoid unwanted headaches)into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Next, twist the pony into a stylish ballerina bun and secure it into place using some hair grips. You might also try the more severe and glamorous, slicked-back version seen at Versace. For the glossy-glossy look, you can apply some hair gel.

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 12

    Famous Slicked Hairstyle 12We know that the classic ponytail is the go-to option for hectic mornings when you need a quick hair fix. In order to get the most of this style and add some uniqueness to your look, wear it slicked (Loewe). You can make it your own by adding some thin braids on the side (Lacoste). Indeed, braids are a very simple, yet effective and lovely choice. What can be more cute than a pony with gorgeous braided details?
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