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    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 16Anne Hathawayis definitely one of the classiest celebrities that we’ve come across at HCC and her signature hair color and style really enhance her elegant demeanour. A fantastic actress and a glamorous Hollywood style icon to boot, Anne Hathawayis sure to keep us lusting after her luscious locks for quite some time yet.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 17

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 17Anne Hathawayis known for her long, glossy brunet strands, but in her new movie One Day (in theaters tomorrow), the actress shows off a series of bobs, bangs, and pixie cuts. The film, adapted from the best-selling book by David Nicholls, tracks the lives of Emma (Anne Hathaway) and her college friend Dex (Jim Sturgess) over the course of 20 years, which means Anne Hathawaygoes through two decades of hair moments on screen (all wigs, of course). Click through the gallery to see which cuts and styles to expect. Tell us: Which look is your favorite?

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 18

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 18Anne Hathaway“works very closely” with her hair stylist to create her gorgeous red-carpet looks. The Hollywood actress is famed for her elegant style and chic fashion choices, and always wows with her hair and beauty trends. Anne Hathaway’s hair stylist Adir Abergel says Anne Hathawayhas a valuable input when it comes to producing her red-carpet look. Adir also boasts celebrity clients including Jennifer Garner and Kristen Stewart.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 19

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 19“We work very closely together, sometimes I bring the inspiration and other times Anne Hathawaydoes,” he told “Anne Hathawaycan say to me, ‘I feel like having something rock and roll,’ and then I have to interpret that into a style that will work on the red carpet and make her feel the part.” Anne Hathawayhas beautiful tresses that are thick. Adir recommends that ladies with luscious locks tame their hair with “light” products before styling. “Make sure that you start out by treating your hair well, like applying a weekly mask to keep it healthy and touchable soft,” he advised. “Also use conditioning product rather than heavy gels and pomades.”

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 20

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 20For Anne Hathaway, co-host of The Oscars, it wasn’t just outfit changes but also hairstyle transformations that kept her look fresh and interesting over the course of the three hour awards ceremony. Changing dresses is one thing, but changing hairstyles fast, is a completely different ball game. [quote?] Frederic Fekkai hairstylist Adir Abergel changed Anne Hathaway’s hair a whopping eight times over the course of the evening! Here is Adir’s breakdown on how to get each look at home.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 21

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 21With her Oscar hosting duties just days away, we imagine that Anne Hathawayis the busiest, and possibly the most nervous, star in Hollywood right now. But at least Anne Hathawaycan check one very important thing off her to-do list: getting her hair color looking absolutely perfect for the big night. We asked the star's colorist, Clairol Color Director Marie Robinson, to tell everything about Anne Hathaway's Academy Awards hair color, including how to get it at home.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 22

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 22This year for the 83nd Annual Academy Awards, four of the most sought after hairstyles seen on the red carpet were created exclusively by Fekkai stylists using Fekkai products. For information on the hairstylist’s inspirations and the products used to achieve the look, see below: Frederic Fekkai’s Adir Abergel tended to the tresses of Host, Anne HathawayINSPIRATION: A modern take on an Edwardian influenced style accented with a bohemian flair; a soft, loose style with beautiful shine.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 23

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 23Anne Hathawaytakes the side part to a whole new level at the August 23 UK premiere of her new film, ‘One Day.’ A side part and side-swept hair can add instant elegance to a look, but is Anne Hathawaytaking the style too far? While the hairstyle would seem chic in theory, in execution, it almost looks as if Anne Hathawayis simply missing half of her hair. Would extensions have helped the look? Sound off, HollywoodLifers

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 24

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 24Anne Hathawaywas spotted with much shorter hair over the weekend on a movie set in Paris - but Anne Hathawaydidn't actually get a drastic haircut. The actress' cropped, boyish style on the set of the film "One Day" (you can see the photo here) was actually a wig, her rep told Us magazine on Monday. Back in March, Anne Hathawaytold InStyle magazine that Anne Hathawaythinks Anne Hathawayhas "really weird features...very large features on a very small head." "You know, I'm not going to beat myself up," Anne Hathawayadded. "I look like myself, and I think at the end of the day, as nice as pretty is, authenticity is more important." What do you think of Anne Hathaway's movie-set look?

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 25

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 25The bob is a classic hairstyle which can morph through a wide range of customizations. Bobs can be as short as ear length to as long as below-the-chin. The bob can be styled into a traditionally sleek and straight look or it can be amped up with natural texture like waves and curls. There are also inverted bobs and those with highlights or lowlights for a more dimensional look.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 26

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 26The bob can also be utilized as a transition hairstyle from long to short or vice versa. Bobs can be dramatic and used to visually alter a long standing image or style. Anne Hathawayshowcases a short brunette bob in the film One Day as part of her evolution as Emma Morley.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 27

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 27Although fans were shocked to see the beautiful actress with a short bob, it’s actually a brunette short wig which is perfectly styled off a hairline to crown side part and a slightly contoured top layers. Anne Hathaway’s short bob has long side-swept layers which are lightly tousled.Anne HathawayShort Faux Pob How To HairSome hair experts might classify Anne Hathaway’s hairstyle as a Pob which is a cross between a Pixie and A Bob or Pixie+Bob = Pob which was made famous by Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. The bob wig which Anne Hathawaywore in One Day was a perfect transition hairstyle for her character’s growth. The hairstyle is very flattering and communicates an easy elegance.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 28

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 28Actress Anne Hathawayis having a fabulous year. Not only did Anne Hathawayget nominated for both a Golden Globe and a SAG Award, Anne Hathawayrecently shocked the world by tying with Meryl Streep for The Best Actress Award at the 2009 Critics Choice Award for her role in Rachel Getting Married. Anne Hathawayhas been winning kudos for years from fashionistas for her elegant and sophisticated fashions, hairstyles and beauty. Although Anne Hathawayused to wear her hair much longer, for 2008 Anne Hathawayhas been rocking a below-the-chin silky, shiny bob hairstyle which looks smashing with her various gowns.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 29

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 29At the 2009 Critics Choice Award Anne Hathawaywore a stunning black and white gown that combined two very unique and striking sections. Depending on which side you viewed, it appeared Anne Hathawaywas wearing either an all white or an all black short gown with an elegant belt showing off her spectacular figure. Wisely minimizing her hair to avoid it distracting from her gown, Anne Hathaway’s all-one-length bob was finiAnne Hathawayd to shimmering perfection. One side of her bob was seductively swept behind one ear and the other side was allowed to flow down around her chin highlighting its shiny silkiness. Anne Hathawaypaired beautiful earrings and shoes with her short sassy gown. Her lips were painted a beautiful shade of ruby red and her eyebrows ere groomed to perfection, making her big brown eyes literally pop. Anne Hathawaywas a winner not only for her acting but for her hair and fashion.

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 30

    Anne Hathaway Hair Color 30Ellen Degeneres recently visited with Anne Hathawaywho was nominated for a Golden Globe and SAG Award for her performance in ‘Rachel Getting Married’ and her latest film ‘Bride Wars’ opens in theaters soon (Friday, January 9, 2009). Anne Hathawaydanced with Ellen before sitting down in her chair, across from Ellen, on the stage. Anne Hathawaywas obviously excited to be on the show and had lots of energy and vitality. Wearing sleek black slacks, a black satin short sleeve top with thin silver accent chains and high stilettos, Anne Hathawaylooked fetching with a shiny milk chocolate below-the-chin brunette bob worn off a center part and bruAnne Hathawayd back off her face.
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