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    Eva Green Short Hair 1Whether or not she’s your favorite Bond girl, Eva Green Green is undeniably beautiful as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. So we are especially confused as to why she would take her lovely long locks and turn them into this veritable nest of hair at the BAFTA awards in London. And are those black streaks over her natural brown color? We’ve seen big hair gone bad before, but this is just a little too Bride of Frankenstein for us. Tell us: What do you think of Eva Green’s hairdo?

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    Eva Green Short Hair 2WHAT was the biggest mess at the Baftas, Jonathan Ross's script or Eva Green Green's hair? Why book JR and water down his gags? Eva Green looked like she'd come on a bike. Possibly from a Motocross rally. There seemed to be tyre-tracks all over her dress. The Baftas would be better if the awards could be taken back should the director follow up a great film with one that stinks. Let's see a roll-call of shame at the ceremony, like the opening credits of Branded.

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    Eva Green Short Hair 3She may be a relative newcomer to the red carpet, but stunning Eva Green was the only starlet who really wowed this awards season. Edgy, sexy and bordering on the gothic, her experimental brand of beauty stands out among a blur of veteran celebs playing it safe. Not only have her latest red carpet looks been 'wow'-inducing – going by the plethora of hair heaven on this season's catwalks – she couldn't have been more bang-on-trend if she'd tried! Eva Green, we salute you, and your wacky hair habits. And with the help of Karine Jackson, one of London's leading stylists, you too can cause a tress-sation this season...

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    Eva Green Short Hair 4Eva Green Baftas 'do may appear daunting, but textured teasing is one of the hottest looks of the season, with the likes of Jasper Conran and Alexander McQueen flaunting identical dos on their spring/summer catwalks. If you've got a big night out planned, take a leaf out of Eva Green book and don't be afraid to experiment – with Karine's help you'll have this look sculpted to perfection in seconds!

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    Eva Green Short Hair 5Eva Green look is messy but with control,' Karine says, 'and the strong elongated shape and carefully placed hair gives it a vampy, gothic feel. She has great thick hair, which is perfect to achieve this style. To recreate her fab hair up style at home, start by using a mousse on damp hair making sure you put a lot on the roots. Dry this in while lifting the hair from the roots - this will give you the volume you'll need. Once dry, use heated rollers to set the hair in large sections - lift up from the roots and over direct the rollers. Each section should be sprayed with a setting lotion; Tecni Art Pli by L'Oréal Professionnel is great for this. Let the rollers cool down, then take them out and section the hair from just in front of the ears. Leave the front section for now, and gently backcomb the hair, then sweep the hair at the back loosely into your hand like a ponytail, roll the hair over your hand and spread hair horizontally across your nape like a French pleat.'

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    Eva Green Short Hair 6A top tip for hair up-dos, is to source some matte hairgrips – they're much better as they don't slide out of the hair – and fringe pins which are a long U shape,' suggests Karine. 'Slide matte hairgrips into the top of the roll securing it well. With a pintail comb, gently pull the roll to loosen it up. Use a good hairspray to hold. Divide the front of the hair into three sections – the top and two sides. Gently backcomb the roots of the hair and pull apart. Lifting it high, take the top section over to the back to meet the French pleat and pin into the pleat spreading loosely; repeat this with the side sections leaving a few pieces cascading over the top. Spray the hair well with finishing spray and add a little L'Oréal Tecni Art Gloss Control shine spray (£9.95).'

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    Eva Green Short Hair 7This look may take a bit of practice to master, but you won't regret giving it a whirl! Although this style suits any shade, you might fancy copying Eva Green dark and delicious hue while you're at it. 'Eva Green colour is rich and glossy.' says Karine. 'Even though the style is tousled and messy, the strong glossy colour keeps it looking healthy. For a similar colour try a semi-permanent gloss colour in rich chestnut brown.'

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    Eva Green Short Hair 8For the Oscars, Eva Green brought a little vamp-style beauty to proceedings with this rich, dark chocolate mane, lengthy and glossy with great volume at the crown. 'She has stayed with the rich chestnut brown colour giving her maximum shine,' notes Karine.

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    Eva Green Short Hair 9Again, another on-trend move by the actress. 'There's a distinctive '60s look here, which is a great sexy style and easy to achieve yourself,' says Karine, 'it shouldn't take more than half an hour to do at home. You don't want to make the hair sticky, so use the Kerastase Volume Active Spray on the roots to give you the lift needed, and a good sculpting mousse on the rest of the hair. Blow-dry with a large round brush, lifting the hair as high as possible and rolling right up to give a soft bouncy curl. If you find this difficult to do then set the hair in very large Velcro rollers and, using the L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Pli, dry well. Once the hair is dry gently brush through using a natural hair bristle brush, so you have soft movement.'

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    Eva Green Short Hair 10Karine advises taking 'a middle parting at the front of the hair about 3” long, then smooth this over with some hairspray and tuck behind the ears. Pin it at the back under the rest of your hair so you won't have to worry about it falling into the face. Take the hair left at the top and backcomb from the back getting as much height as possible. Spray the root area well with hairspray again, then gently smooth the hair over to the back. Let the hair tousle softly to the front.' Sounds simple enough eh? But oh-so effective. Finish with a spritz of a good holding spray and a gloss spray to achieve Eva Green-like shine, and you're good to head out and find your own red carpet.

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    Eva Green Short Hair 11Eva Green is the new shooting star in Hollywood. The 24-year old French with the British name was discovered by the erotic directing master Bernardo Bertolucci ("The Last Tango in Paris") who cast her in a nudity-heavy role in "The Dreamers". In the drama Eva Green embodied the Parisian Isabelle, who seduces the young, naive American Mattew (Michael Pitt) with her brother Theo (Louis Garrel). In her new movie, the monumental Knight of the Cross epic "Kingdom of Heaven" (Director: Ridley Scott), Eva Green plays the mysterious, dressed from head to toe in luxurious oriental clothes, king's sister Sibylla, who spins the head of the heroic knight Balian (Orlando Bloom)

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    Eva Green Short Hair 12Variety is reporting that the French actress Eva Green will play Serafina Pekkala in The Golden Compass movie. Her previous films include The Dreamers and Kingdom of Heaven, whilst she will play the Bond girl Vesper Lynd in the next James Bond film, Casino Royale. Green has finalised the deal for the first His Dark Materials movie, with an option to star in two sequels, if they are made.

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    Eva Green Short Hair 13“I had to pinch myself every day, like, ‘Oh my god, I’m in a Bertolucci movie,’” Green says. “We used to go to his house every weekend and he’d talk about the cinema and music and art. It was just amazing. It was a great start, for sure, to work with Bertolucci. It was hard, though, because when you start with somebody so great, you think you’ll be disappointed after that.”

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    Eva Green Short Hair 14Though she doesn’t say it, it’s fair to assume Green hasn’t met such disappointment, nor has her career gone the way of recently-deceased Last Tango star Maria Schneider, who never truly regained the attention that, for better or worse, her baring-all breakout brought her. Green, who cites French luminary Isabelle Adjani as her childhood icon and actorly inspiration, has starred opposite Nicole Kidman, Orlando Bloom, Daniel Graig, Judi Dench, Jeremy Irons, Romain Duris, Edward Norton, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ewan McGregor. As is the case with Cracks, it’s not uncommon for her to be the most indelible player of the movie in which she appears.

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    Eva Green Short Hair 15Born to a French mother and Swedish father and raised partially in London, Green has an alluringly odd, uniquely exotic appeal, which undoubtedly affects the sorts of scripts she’s offered. Is it a help or a hindrance for an actor to have a trademark package of characteristics that inevitably paints a specific picture in the minds of filmmakers and casting directors? Green seems torn on the question. She’s aware that she’s sometimes perceived as being “mysterious” and “not from this world” (“It’s kind of true,” she laughs), but she also doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, or “put in the femme fatale box.”
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