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    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele Hairstyles“I don’t stop. It’s my nature. People have to tell me to slow down,” Lea Michele said. “I plan on playing every role on Broadway. I want to do Evita. I want to do Sweeney Todd with Chris Colfer. We want to do Wicked. I’ll be Elphaba and he wants to play ‘Guy-linda.’ I want to do movies, make music. Glee is only the beginning.” When Lea Michele isn’t working, Lea Michele enjoys a quiet life with her boyfriend, stage actor Theo Stockman. “I have a small life. We cook dinner, have wine,” Lea Michele added. “What I do is what I do, and what he does is what he does, and when I come home, we have each other. He doesn’t get caught up in it.”

    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesLong before stealing the scene (over and over... and over) as spotlight-hound Rachel Berry in Glee, Lea Michele made her mark in NYC. Lea Michele debuted on Broadway in 1995 as a replacement Young Cosette in the original New York production of Les Miserables. Later on, Lea Michele also appeared in Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, The Diary of Anne Frank, and Spring Awakening. Her performance as Wendla Bergman in Spring Awakening earned her a nomination for a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress in a Musical. Lea Michele has also performed solo concerts at Loews Regency in New York and at the Upright Cabaret in Los Angeles. Additional television appearances include Third Watch and Guiding Light, because everyone needs a little soap acting in their background, right?

    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesLea Michele has her heart set on a celebrity dad in Glee. The actress — who plays Rachel Berry in the hit high school show — wants Elton John to play one of her two gay dads. “It would be my dream if Rachel’s dads were on the show finally,” Lea Michele said. “Even if they watching her perform were just there and Lea Michele waved at them in the audience. Lea Michele would look in the crowd and there would be Elton John!” Elton isn’t the only star Lea Michele wants on Glee — the actress has previously expressed desire to get Julia Roberts on the program. “We may not be able to work together because I would get so dumbstruck,” Lea Michele said. “There are a few people that I would get like that with. Even now I am getting tongue-tied just thinking about it. I would be a wreck if Lea Michele were actually standing in front of me. It is just too much to think about. It is weird for me when I find myself talking to people that I have watched on the television or in movies all my life. I do get a little star struck.”

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 49Lea Michele prefers to get her mum’s advice when it comes to clothes. The Glee star says Lea Michele shares outfits with her mother and loves it. “I share a lot of clothes with my mom because we are the same size,” Lea Michele said. “Shoes are a problem though, my feet are bigger than hers! We share sweaters and jackets a lot. My mom has great style. I always followed her Lea Micheled.” Lea Michele — who plays Rachel Berry in the hit high school show — recently revealed Lea Michele wants Elton John to play one of her two gay dads. “It would be my dream if Rachel’s dads were on the show finally,” Lea Michele said. “Even if they watching her perform were just there and Lea Michele waved at them in the audience. Lea Michele would look in the crowd and there would be Elton John!”

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 50Lea Michele got her start in on-stage musicals, but after being cast as Rachel Berry in Glee, her options are wide open. The 23-year-old actress can choose to go in whichever direction Lea Michele wants, thanks to the success of her hit TV series, but does her heart still belong to Broadway? One director hopes so. According to the New York Post, a role in the new musical Speargrove Presents has been written specifically for the Glee star. Speargrove Presents is about a small Texas town where the high school musical is the biggest event of the year. However, the community becomes divided when the school chooses the controversial musical Rent as their seasonal production.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 51Salling was the first Gleek to reLea Michelese a solo album, and Matthew Morrison is slated to be next. But don't expect Lea Michele to follow in her co-stars' footsteps. "I'm so focused on the show right now," Lea Michele explains. However that doesn't mean the right movie offer would be out of the question. "A film is definitely something I'd like to do with any spare time I have, but I'm beyond satisfied being in the recording studio for 'Glee' and getting to work with our music producer, Adam Anders," the vocal diva states. "That itch is being scratched at this point."

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 52Another downer for the album is Lea Michele hasn't a clue what kind of music Lea Michele'd want to record. "I think the reason I haven't made an album yet is that I have never really known what kind I want to make. Do I want to make a pop album? Do I want to make a Broadway album?" Although a solo project isn't on her immediate to-do list, the New York native wants it to happen...in time. "An album is definitely something I'd like to do in the future, when I have the time. An album is a lot of work. You need to write your own songs, and you need to be in the recording studio. With 'Glee' being my main focus right now, I don't see that happening for a little while."

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 53Such an inspiring night last night with PETA:) Lea Michele tweeted after attending PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards on Saturday night, along with other celebrity animal lovers like Sophia Bush and Kellan Lutz. All three of these stars have adopted stray or homeless animals. Also showing support for animal rights was High School Musical's Matt Prokop. "You know, you have a voice, use it," he says. "Don't just think, 'Oh, I'm young, I can't do anything about it,' because you can, and we can make a huge difference if we start at a young age."

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 54Matt diLea Micheled to us about his four-legged family members spilling, "I have three dogs and two cats back in Texas. The dogs' names are Bear, Belle, and Barkley. The cats' names are Vicious and Grey. Vicious was a really mean kitty cat when he was really little. He grew up, and now he looks like Garfield. He's a 35 pound cat, and is just the laziest creature I have ever met. Vicious is just the coolest cat." How does Matt help other animals, besides his own? For one, he avoids the circus. "Don't go see animals being tortured to walk in a circle," he says. Like many teens, Matt was faced with dissecting an animal in science class. He now actively speaks out against this outdated Lea Michelerning technique.
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