Molly Sims Haircuts

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    Molly Sims Haircuts 1Even Molly Sims got drawn into the trend to more natural and darker hair. With the result of looking breathtaking at the 25th Anniversary Los Angeles Gala program of Operation Smile on October 5th, 2007.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 2

    Molly Sims Haircuts 2The secret to this look is knowing how to use different shades of color that play with shadow and light and bring so much dimension into the hair. Molly’s base color is walnut-cocoa with the bottom layer in a deep espresso. All is heated up with strands in nutmeg and honey, creating a spicy hot mix. Her hair was cut in layers in an angled line from front to back starting below the chin.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 3

    Molly Sims Haircuts 3A trademark of the model and actress Molly Sims is her long, golden hair. On January 14th, 2004 she flaunted all its beauty in an open style, nicely contrasted by the black sleeveless, turtleneck top.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 4

    Molly Sims Haircuts 4If you would like to make Molly’s look yours, here is how to do it: Have your long hair cut to one length at the shoulder blades, the front should be slightly tapered and the textured bangs reach the eyelashes. After washing and conditioning blow dry with very low heat and over a flat brush to get this luscious smoothness. Mist on some shine spray for more sparkle and extra hydration.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 5

    Molly Sims Haircuts 5Molly Sims has green eyes and beautiful blonde hair. Her hair has been pulled back with flowers placed at the base of her style. She has several charming tones of honey blondes and pale blondes that have been foiled into her hair. This is the perfect style for a bride or bridesmaid and it might be simple for you to do. Take your clean dry hair and section off the small bang area and strands on the sides and clip.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 6

    Molly Sims Haircuts 6Now begin in a circular fashion and take one section from the sides connecting with the back and twist a few times while bringing into the center of the back and fasten with a pin. Make sure you twist the end of the hair and fasten with a pin again. Do this going completely around meeting in the center of the back. If this is done correctly the ends of the hair will be sculptures of art framing each other. The sections do not have to be small ones; medium to large would do just fine. When done, use your medium sized curling iron to twist the hair on the sides to fall gently around the face. Smooth out the bangs just a little bit making large C curls to touch the forehead. Place your preferred set of flowers just under the style in the back. Spray.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 7

    Molly Sims Haircuts 7Molly has beautiful blonde hair and wears it long in a variety of haircuts. A very youthful look is straight with lightly textured ends, a side part and full bangs; all shining in a beachy blonde. For vivacious variations curls or small waves work wonders and updos should always be on top of the list when it comes to hot summer days or festive events. Another simple but effective way to introduce a refreshing change to the hair is to modify the color, a few tones lighter or darker, high and lowlights can do magic.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 8

    Molly Sims Haircuts 8Molly Sims and her brand new husband, Scott Stuber, were hand in hand for a walk around the grounds of the Four Seasons resort in Maui yesterday. The newlyweds headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon just days after tying the knot in California. Molly Sims married Scott Stuber last Saturday at a vineyard in Calistoga, CA, and many of their famous friends like Josh Duhamel, Fergie, and Vince Vaughn were on hand for the nuptials. Read More

    Molly Sims Haircuts 9

    Molly Sims Haircuts 9Molly Sims wore a bikini and a colorful sarong as she and Scott Stuber took a walk on the beach in Maui today. Scott Stuber and Molly Sims married this weekend at a star-studded ceremony in Calistoga, CA before heading to Hawaii to honeymoon. Scott, a Hollywood producer, and Molly welcomed guests including Fergie and Josh Duhamel to their outdoor nuptials in California's wine country. Read More

    Molly Sims Haircuts 10

    Molly Sims Haircuts 10Molly Sims kept her Cabo vacation going yesterday by wearing a revealing bikini as she lounged by the pool. She's one of many celebrities who chose to spend the holidays south of the border. George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis, as well as Jessica Alba and Bar Refaeli, also picked Mexico as their getaway spot. Read More

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    Molly Sims Haircuts 11Summer is winding down now, but we’re still loving bright colors. While the color-blocking trend got us to try wearing colors together, we still realize the impact of bold color with neutral cream. Just check out the photo of Molly Sims above. The tailoring of her orange-red blazer says, “I’m not to be messed with,” but the fluttering of her cream mini dress says, “But I can have fun too!” We took inspiration from Molly’s look, but tweaked it a bit, swapping the orange-red blazer for a coral one, and chose round-toe pumps over pointed shoes. See the look and get the details after the jump.

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    Molly Sims Haircuts 12Molly also parlayed her versatile talents into being a special reporter for Entertainment Tonight as well as being the spokes model for Cover Girl Cosmetics and Old Navy. Her beautiful face has also graced commercials for M&Ms, Armani, Chanel and Maidenform, to name just a few.

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    Molly Sims Haircuts 13MOLLY SIMS, who successfully transitioned from supermodel to actress, most recently played the manipulative Delinda Deline for 5 seasons on NBC’s hit television series, “Las Vegas.” In addition to her successful television career, Molly has also appeared on the silver screen in feature films including the 2008 hit, Yes Man starring Jim Carrey, The Benchwarmers, produced for Revolution Studios by Happy Madison Productions’ Adam Sandler and Jack Giarraputo, as well as Starsky & Hutch. Molly has also been cast in the independent film, Hickory Nation (start date TBD).

    Molly Sims Haircuts 14

    Molly Sims Haircuts 14At the premier of Lost City in Los Angeles, Molly looked beautiful in her gorgeous blonde waves. To create this wavy style the actress cut the layers short and the top section was trimmed into medium volume. This cut is one of the best options for those having oval, oblong, square, heart, and diamond shape face structures. For this hairstyle, the products recommended are gel, wax, sculpture lotion, and hair spray.

    Molly Sims Haircuts 15

    Molly Sims Haircuts 15Molly looks funky at the 5th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show. The funky style was created to add volume to the top section and the actress trimmed her sides with enhanced bangs that complemented her face. The entire texture of hair for this design was structured into medium density. Sparing around 30 minutes or more, you must use blow dry process with the help of some mousse, gel spray, smoothing shine, and moulding cream to create this unique style.
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