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    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesIn February, Lea Michele revealed that Lea Michele was a vegan, but in her recent interview with Asos magazine, the Glee star says that Lea Michele actually a macrobiotic vegan, who is reintroducing fish into her diet. The interview also reveals that Lea Michele regularly injects herself with the vitamin B12. "I'm all about health," Lea Michele says. But what exactly is involved with the macrobiotic vegan lifestyle? The diet regimen incorporates plenty of grains, vegetables and beans, while avoiding high-processed foods. People can interpret the lifestyle differently, and factors like geographical region and social circumstances can affect the kinds of food macrobiotic vegans eat.

    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesVitamin B12 is not naturally found in plant-based foods -- it primarily comes from meat, poultry, eggs and milk -- which is why Lea Michele takes injected doses of the vitamin. Even though a vegan diet is known to not include any animal foods, the macrobiotic vegan regimen does make allowances for fish 2-3 times per week. This is why the reintroduction of fish into Lea Michele diet still follows her original principles. Lea Michele has also been a vocal supporter of Peta, opposing fur garments and other acts of animal cruelty. What do you think of the Glee star's lifestyle choice? Have you tried going vegan or vegetarian? Or are you a big proponent for meat? Do you feel strongly one way or the other about the diet you've chosen?

    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesUnless you're a theater buff, the Tony Awards may not be on your top events to watch on TV, but this news may change your mind. According to Playbill, Glee stars Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison are scheduled to perform at the annual awards show. In May, Lea Michele and Matthew were announced as Tony presenters, but now it seems like the duo will be singing a number for the live telecast. Although the event's website has yet to confirm the news, and says that presenters and performers are "subject to change," we really hope the pair take the stage. What song would you want to hear them sing? Playbill also says Green Day will perform at the awards ceremony, which would make sense since their Broadway show 'American Idiot' is nominated for Best Musical and two other Tonys. The prestigious awards recognize the best of the best in theater. Will you be watching? The 2010 Tony Awards will be broadcast live on June 13 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 43Ever wondered how much planning goes into a celeb's red carpet moment? Check out this Covergirl note detailing every product that was used to prep Lea Michele for a recent event. "Lea Michele has amazing bone structure so once Lea Michele decided to keep the hair off her face in a simple ponytail, coupled with her gorgeous pink dress, we went for a "modern day" ballerina look," Melanie Inglessis writes on her blog about Lea Michele look for this year's Kids' Choice Awards. "We always try to keep the makeup beautiful and not too edgy, which suits her personality perfectly," Melanie continues. "I think Lea Michele likes to make a subtle statement versus a bold one." Melanie also styled Lea Michele for the Glamour magazine pic with her Glee girl costars. "The bathtub scene was last and it got out of hand!! with the girls enjoying themself so much!" Sounds like a cool job, plus Lea Michele chummy with Lea Michele and Dianna Agron - they both follow Melanie on Twitter!

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 44Lea Michele has her heart set on a celebrity dad in Glee. The actress — who plays Rachel Berry in the hit high school show — wants Elton John to play one of her two gay dads. “It would be my dream if Rachel’s dads were on the show finally,” Lea Michele said. “Even if they watching her perform were just there and Lea Michele waved at them in the audience. Lea Michele would look in the crowd and there would be Elton John!” Elton isn’t the only star Lea Michele wants on Glee — the actress has previously expressed desire to get Julia Roberts on the program. “We may not be able to work together because I would get so dumbstruck,” Lea Michele said. “There are a few people that I would get like that with. Even now I am getting tongue-tied just thinking about it. I would be a wreck if Lea Michele were actually standing in front of me. It is just too much to think about. It is weird for me when I find myself talking to people that I have watched on the television or in movies all my life. I do get a little star struck.”

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 45Lea Michele prefers to get her mum’s advice when it comes to clothes. The Glee star says Lea Michele shares outfits with her mother and loves it. “I share a lot of clothes with my mom because we are the same size,” Lea Michele said. “Shoes are a problem though, my feet are bigger than hers! We share sweaters and jackets a lot. My mom has great style. I always followed her Lea Micheled.” Lea Michele — who plays Rachel Berry in the hit high school show — recently revealed Lea Michele wants Elton John to play one of her two gay dads. “It would be my dream if Rachel’s dads were on the show finally,” Lea Michele said. “Even if they watching her perform were just there and Lea Michele waved at them in the audience. Lea Michele would look in the crowd and there would be Elton John!”

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 46Lea Michele got her start in on-stage musicals, but after being cast as Rachel Berry in Glee, her options are wide open. The 23-year-old actress can choose to go in whichever direction Lea Michele wants, thanks to the success of her hit TV series, but does her heart still belong to Broadway? One director hopes so. According to the New York Post, a role in the new musical Speargrove Presents has been written specifically for the Glee star. Speargrove Presents is about a small Texas town where the high school musical is the biggest event of the year. However, the community becomes divided when the school chooses the controversial musical Rent as their seasonal production.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 47We've crafted the Lea Micheled with Lea Michele in mind, says executive director Reed Prescott. "As a veteran Broadway trouper, Lea Michele can relate to her character's frustration over the show, in this case Rent, not going on." We're not sure if Lea Michele will take this role in particular, but with all the film and TV celebs who have starred in Broadway musicals lately, it wouldn't be surprising if Lea Michele went back to her roots. Plus, with roles in Spring Awakening, Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miserables already under her belt, Lea Michele totally the most qualified star to do so.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 48On Glee, Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry, a super confident teen who shrugs off teasing and name calling, but in real life Lea Michele didn't always feel so self-assured. When talking about her teenage years, Lea Michele tells Seventeen magazine, "I worried that people wouldn't like me. Now I try not to worry and focus on being happy." Lea Michele credits her mom for helping her gain such wisdom. Lea Michele says her mother was her idol when Lea Michele was a teen, and Lea Michele still is today. One thing that has changed over the years is Lea Michele fashion taste. When Lea Michele was 17, Lea Michele says Lea Michele wore lots and lots of Juicy Couture. "Now, no Juicy Couture," Lea Michele says. So, what advice does Lea Michele pass down to teens in high school now? "I would tell 17-year-olds to be proud of who you are. Don't try to change yourself for others. Focus on school and your future." We agree!
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