Anne Hathaway Haircut

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 31

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 31Anne HathawaypuAnne Hathawayd one side of her swing infused bob hairstyle behind her ear while chatting with Ellen. Anne Hathawaywore long dangling black and silver earrings which perfectly complemented the chains Anne Hathawaywore with her outfit. Anne Hathawaywas very animated, bubbly and chatty starting out her conversation by complimenting Ellen on the funny lady’s new shorter haircut – which was definitely cute. Ellen mugged for the cameras showing off her latest hairdo. When asked, the beautiful brunette actress told Ellen, “I’m great thanks, how are you?”. Ellen told the young actress “congratulations things are very very good for you right now”.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 32

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 32Anne Hathawayreplied “Yeah! As far as good moments go this one is kinda embarrassing.” Yeah, I usually have a pretty , balanced ego – it’s kinda threatened right now”. Yeah. llen congratulated Anne Hathawayof her award nominations and told her Anne Hathawaydoes good work. The funny lady said Anne Hathaway“loved the film” and said ‘Rachel Getting Married’ is getting Anne Hathawaya lot of attention. The actress thanked Ellen and the audience. Ellen asked the audience if they had seen the film. Anne Hathawayalso asked if (the film) is out?

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 33

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 33Anne Hathawaysaid “it’s a small little (film), the theatrical release is winding down and I think it should be coming out in DVD pretty soon. It should still be out there. It’s a very small film, it’s a kooky little heart breaker of a film”. The hostess asked Anne Hathawayabout why Anne Hathawayaccepted the totally different role in ‘Rachel Getting Married’ because as Anne Hathawaypointed out the role was not like Anne Hathaway’s normal roles. So why did the Golden Globe nominee take the role of Rachel? Anne Hathawaysaid “yeah, yeah, I mean, it’s funny to be an actor and to have people think a certain way of you based on the roles you play so but understandably based on my choices people I think thought I was – you know a good girl, someone, a comedian someone who likes to make people laugh and I do like to do those things but I’d always dreamed about going out there and finding a big meaty complex role and going for it and uh so when it came across my path I just couldn’t said not to it”.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 34

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 34Anne Hathawaysaid “oh my, it was really cool, you know, I’ve been in films that got attention before I’ve never gotten any individual attention so it was pretty cool. So it was a little nervous, just because like there’s been other years where I hoped maybe there’s a slim chance I could get nominated and I wasn’t so I asked a very good friend to sleep over just in case I needed someone to cry with the next morning”. The Rachel actress said “but I got a good call so we danced around the kitchen and made eggs”. Ellen asked if they called at 5:00 am to tell her that Anne Hathawayhad been nominated for the Golden Globe?

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 35

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 35“It was crazy, Anne Hathawaysaid, “I was so disoriented because my cell phone rang and my house phone rang at the same time and I was really asleep and my cell phone showed that my mother was calling but I answered the house phone and I somehow thought through the magical powers of motherhood that my mother, I would hear my mom’s voice on that phone and I heard my publicist and he told me and I’m like alright and I said hang on and I think I just hung up on him and I answered the phone and said “mom? and that seemed more appropriate”. Anne Hathawaysaid “they (my parents) were watching it on TV. They are in New York and it wasn’t as early for them” (as it was for Anne Hathaway). Anne Hathawaysaid “it was so great, because my parents, I mean, because I have a great relationship with my parents and they’re so – it’s really cool to see my parents are really proud of me. And I, so I was on the phone”. Ellen commented Anne Hathawayseemed surprised that her parents were proud of her.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 36

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 36Anne Hathawaysaid “it’s a nice thing, to, I know, they’re such good people, and I love the fact that I’m leading a life – an imperfect life of course – but the fact I am making them proud of me, it means a lot to me”. Ellen said “You deserve all of this. You’re having a great life professionally and sometimes life is up and down and personally its not so good right now. Professionally its great so it balances out”. Ellen told the actress – if you need – I’m good at setting people up. Anne Hathawayreplied “oh God, OK” I’m really good. If you need someone. I’m really good. The actress said “did you see how nervous I just got.”

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 37

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 37Ellen continued, “I’m good at finding you a boyfriend. I’m really good at it. You don’t even need to date. You can go straight to a commitment”. Anne Hathawaysaid “OK, perfect, no problem.” Ellen asked Anne Hathaway“so what are you looking for in a guy”? Anne Hathawaysaid “at this point I’d just like them to be law abiding”. Which got a great laugh and applause from the audience. The actress said “2008 was the year where I learned to have a sense of humor about everything. So. Oh yeah. Big time. Actually when – you’re alluding of course to my break-up with my ex. When I found out I had to do a press tour for Get Smart, um and it was very odd and I was in shock and I wanted to fulfill my professional commitments and I didn’t have anywhere to go afterwords because the paparazzi were obviously very interested in getting a picture of me you known crying”.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 38

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 38“So I went to a friend’s house and Anne Hathawayand it was really nice it was the first moment I could let go. And I remember sinking onto her living room floor and Anne Hathawaycame and gave me the biggest hug and my brother was there and everyone was just surrounding me and giving me so much love and I’m sobbing and I look up and I just started laughing and said it’s going to make a great opening monologue on SNL. And then like two weeks later I got the call I was going to be on SNL”. Anne Hathawaycontinued “and you know what and that’s how I’m going to get through it I’m going to get through it, I’m going to laugh first and no one’s going to be able to laugh at me and eventually it’ll just be something that happened to me. And now it is and I’m so thrilled?”

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 39

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 39“Good things come from it. I feel like in 2008 the whole experience made me so much closer to my family and I feel like it made me a better friend because I had to receive so much love in 2008 so I really understand what it is to give it so it was a really trans formative experience in a lot of good ways. And Anne Hathawaysaid Anne Hathawaylearned from the experience and never regret it “and never do it again”.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 40

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 40Anne Hathawaysaid “a bridal beat down is very ladylike”. Anne Hathawayalso reported “Kate hit Anne Hathawayin the face in the wrestling scene”. Kate’s character, according to Anne Hathaway, “had to have the best of everything and so her character had a five carat Tiffany diamond ring and in one turn Anne Hathawayturned and Anne Hathawaysmacked Anne Hathawayacross the face”. And Kate said to Anne Hathaway“oh my god did I hurt you”. Anne Hathawaysaid “you never want to break it (the mood of the scene). Anne Hathawaydidn’t want to make Kate feel bad” for hitting her in the face. Anne Hathawaysaid Anne Hathaway“found a corner with an ice pack because Anne Hathawaydidn’t want to make Kate feel bad. There were a few extras who were placing bets”.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 41

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 41Anne Hathawaysaid “yeah, I was giving Sigourney Weaver a life time achievement award at The Trevor Project. I didn’t know there would be an auction. Normally I would give something like a prop from the movie, you never know what people would be interested in and I wasn’t prepared so the only thing I could offer was myself”. Anne Hathawaycontinued “and uh, oh well I thought you know maybe like in the past I’ve auctioned off babysitting uh so in case anyone was incredibly wealthy and wanted to, not that I would expect lots of money – that sounded terrible – just never mind”.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 42

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 42Anne Hathawayreported “when I babysat as a teenager I charged $10/hour. But that’s good but you know me so we could do better now. So I basically decided I would auction off my time. So I decided if I’m not enough I’ll pay for drinks so I auctioned myself off as a drinking buddy. They paid $12,000. I was a little nervous because there was a moment where they said “lets start the bidding at $4995″.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 43

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 43Ellen asked how many people Anne Hathawaywas going to drink with? “Three. The Trevor Project is such a worthy cause and Anne Hathawaypointed out Anne Hathawaywants to make sure they (the bidders on her time) get their money’s worth”. Anne Hathawayhasn’t done it (the drinking buddy gig) yet. Anne Hathawaydid meet the people that evening and Anne Hathaway’s “looking forward to it”. Ellen said it may be a long time of drinking for $12,000.

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 44

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 44After a break Ellen showed a clip of Anne Hathawayand Kate Hudson in the new film – Bride Wars. Anne Hathawayexplained “it’s the story of two girls who have been best best best friends (Emma and Liv) since 8 years old. It’s all very very nice. They go to the best wedding plAnne Hathawayr in New York and then through a clerical error their weddings are scheduled on the same day and then there is a misunderstanding and all war breaks out over their weddings.”

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 45

    Anne Hathaway Haircut 45Anne Hathaway’s character “is a very sweet girl and has a hard time saying mean things and then the war escalates”. Ellen asked about the famous wrestling scene of the two girls in their wedding gowns. Anne Hathawaysaid the wrestling scene “was a total throw down”. Anne Hathawayexplained “this movie had a tough shooting schedule and the movie was shot at night.” It was about 5:00 am in the morning – Kate and I were both in our wedding dresses – Kate’s a great girl – Anne Hathaway’s so much fun”.
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