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    Anne Hathaway Hair 1Forget bride wars, it looks like Anne Hathawaybattled a pair of scissors. The saucer-eyed star was spotted sans her normally lengthy locks in Paris this weekend on the set of her upcoming film One Day. However, speculation immediately surfaced that this may be nothing more than a very well-placed wig and that there's actually a whole lotta hair still taking residence underneath. Sure enough, a rep for the actress confirms to E! News that it is indeed fake and nothing more than a little movie magic. Either way, it does beg the question: Does Anne Hathaway's shorter 'do do it for you?

    Anne Hathaway Hair 2

    Anne Hathaway Hair 2This long golden brown Anne Hathawayhairstyle is great for those looking for a casual 'do that takes not time at all to style. The long layers cut around the edges help encourage the bounce of the soft waves added to give this look shape and movement. Regular trims is needed to prevent split ends.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 3

    Anne Hathaway Hair 3These brown locks flow Anne Hathawayhair over the shoulders showing the jagged cut length which lightens edge. This is a simple look best suited for those natural long hair and will need regular trims to avoid split ends. Highlights are added for texture and completes the over-all style beautifully.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 4

    Anne Hathaway Hair 4Long layers cut Anne Hathawayhair into around the sides and back of this stunning hairstyle gives it plenty of movement and shape which is best suited for those with round face shapes. This is easy to re-create with the perfect blow-dry and will be great for any special occasion.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 5

    Anne Hathaway Hair 5The waves Anne Hathawayhair added to the mid-lengths to ends of this hairstyle sit perfectly thanks to the long layers cut around the edges to allow bounce and movement. This soft and sexy hairstyle is great for any special occasion and is best suited for those with long face shapes.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 6

    Anne Hathaway Hair 6This sweet and simple Anne Hathawayhair do has a touch of elegance with its definite side part and smooth layers worn to frame the face and will be perfect to bring out the best features in a long or square face shape. This will need regular trims to avoid split ends.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 7

    Anne Hathaway Hair 7This dainty 'do Anne Hathawayhair sits perfectly to frame the shoulders, showing off the long layers cut through the edges to enhance the waves and movement. This gorgeous hairstyle will be great for any special occasion and will be best suited for those with long face shapes.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 8

    Anne Hathaway Hair 8At the 2008 MTV Movie Awards guests stopped in their tracks to snatch a glance at Anne Hathaway's exquisite upstyle. Her waves were pinned up through the back, and to create a soft sexy outline loose strands were left to hang out. This look can easily be re-created with the right products and hot rollers/a curling iron, and it should hold well in all weather conditions.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 9

    Anne Hathaway Hair 9Although Anne Hathawaymay have been an extremely awkward host at last night's Oscars (to say the least), her hair and outfit changes were a pretty entertaining show. And quite possibly a good chunk of the reason as to why we continued watching. From her low chignon at the beginning of the night to loose tousled locks (and many other styles) we couldn't wait to see what Anne Hathawaywas going to appear with next. But, we were kind of hoping that Anne Hathawaywould lower her voice, and let James Franco take over. Is that so bad?

    Anne Hathaway Hair 10

    Anne Hathaway Hair 10Where hath Anne Hathaway's hair gone? The actress surfaced in Paris over the weekend with her wavy brown locks shorn to a cropped, boyish new 'do. Why the dramatic new pixie? Anne Hathaway, 27, debuted the shorter style for her role in the currently-shooting flick One Day. But don't be fooled: "It's a wig," the actress' rep tells See more shots of Anne Hathaways's new 'do.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 11

    Anne Hathaway Hair 11Anne Hathawayhad the most whimsical 1970′s ‘do at the premiere for her film about timeless love — how perfect! And it’s so easy for YOU to get the look. Anne Hathawaylooked like a fairytale princess with her enchanting look at the August 8th premiere. Check out how Anne Hathawaygot her fabulous hairstyle and find out how you can create it at home! Here’s how Anne Hathaway’s celebrity hairstylist, Adir Abergel from The Frederic Fekkai Salon in NYC, created the look

    Anne Hathaway Hair 12

    Anne Hathaway Hair 12Since her move into popular films, Anne Hathawayhas been firmly on our radar here at Hair Color Code as an elegant actress with bags of charming personality and a stunning sense of style. Let’s look back at the meteoric rise, and out of this world hair, of the lovely Miss Anne Hathaway.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 13

    Anne Hathaway Hair 13When Anne Hathawayfirst appeared on our television screens Anne Hathawaysported deep chestnut brown locks, parted to the side and down to her shoulder. It was a very simple look and probably reflected her young age as it was unfussy and very easy to maintain. For her on-screen debut in ‘The Princess Diaries’ her hair was longer with a mahogany tone which was styled to be big, frizzy and wild at the start of the film and sleek and elegant at the end of the film. In her second film, ‘The Other Side of Heaven’, Anne Hathawaysported a similar style, parted to one side, but her hair was a lighter brown tone although still with reddish undertones.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 14

    Anne Hathaway Hair 14Anne Hathaway’s hair color has remained pretty constant since her big screen debut, occasionally getting a little lighter and redder, occasionally getting slightly darker (now there‘s a girl who understands the ‘no more than 3 shades from your natural color’ rule). With her luminescent skin tone Anne Hathawaycan carry off both light and dark shades, but here at Hair Color Code we love her darker hair as it makes her look like a particularly gorgeous porcelain doll. Although Anne Hathawaydoesn’t tend to go for dramatic color changes Anne Hathawayhas changed the style up a little bit, for example in 2008 Anne Hathawayhad a modern bob which Anne Hathawaywore both shiny and straight and loose and textured. The bob was a look we’ve never seen on Anne Hathawaybefore and it really suited her, making her look more current and edgy.

    Anne Hathaway Hair 15

    Anne Hathaway Hair 15In 2010, we saw Anne Hathawaywith perhaps her prettiest hair style and color to date, a centre parting with loose, flowing waves and a few scatterings of golden coppery highlights. But in the biggest film of the year, Alice in Wonderland, we saw Anne Hathawayas an icy blonde playing the Ice Queen. And surprisingly, such a drastic change suited her far more than anyone would have thought!
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