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    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 7

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 7What's better than a simple summer bun? One that's got a little extra style, that's what. Allow us to explain: Trying to control your hair and stay cool in a heat wave is, for the most part, a losing battle. Plus, sky-high temps pretty much require some type of updo. And while we've definitely spotted the ballerina bun making its presence known lately, just few switch-ups can easily turn something typical into something totally cool. Ready for some scene-stealing bun options? Read on for three takes on getting knotted up—and everything you need to pull them off flawlessly.

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 8

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 8Stylishly sleek hairstyles are in this season and celeb Gabrielle Union shows off a beautifully sleek and stylish bun hairstyle. Her style has slight height on the top and everything else is pulled back into a smooth bun at the crown of her head. This is a beautiful style that showcases the face and is perfect on or off the runway. Here’s how to get this hairstyle:

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 9

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 9Wearing an updo bun hairstyle is popular for formal occasions such as weddings, proms and dinner parties. Having a professional create your updo bun can be expensive, though. Learn how to create a simple updo bun on your own and start saving money. Before long you might like your own updo bun so much you'll devise occasions to wear it.

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 10

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 10The trick to styling your hair with the classic updo bun is to have a nice even fullness in the bun area if you look from side to side. But still, it could be an effortless and easygoing look for you to make. I'm going to show you how to do an updo bun hairstyle. What you're going to need is a little bit of hairspray, a Mason and Pearson brush, a hair tie – I like the ones that are two hooks in the end because you can just wrap it around the ponytail and twist it rather than trying to take your hair through a traditional hair tie – and what we're going to do is just wobble the hair. This hair's got a nice sort of texture and volume to it already, so we're going to work with that and I'm just going to kind of brush the hair but not in a too smooth a lock and we're going to keep the volume in the hair so it's not flat against the scalp.

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 11

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 11I personally see this bun hairstyle as being almost too high but with Christina Milian’s beautiful and exotic features along with long neckline and healthy hair she pulls this hairstyle off perfectly. High bun hairstyles are a celebrity hairstyle that you don’t see too often and when you do most of the time its not good.

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 12

    Famous Celebrity Updo Bun Hairstyle 12The length of your hair needs to be taken into consideration, because if you have shoulder length hair you will need more styling aids than if you have waist length tresses. Simple Bun Updo Hairstyles such as the ponytail updo start with just a few items: hair clip, bobby pins, ribbons or floral accessories for added drama. Formal hairstyles really require less adornments than if you were going to a party or celebrity event.
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