Jessica Alba Hairstyles 04

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 28

    After working in a styling lotion, Jessica Alba blow-dry using a large paddle brush.Run a flat iron over the surface of your hair then softly direct your length back into a loose bun. Secure with pins.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 29

    Jessica Alba Meandering Texture Trails.After drying your strands with a paddle brush, apply styling spray on large sections of hair and create alternating directions of curls just on the midshaft through the ends. Coat your strands with shine serum and run them through your hair to break up the curl.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 30

    Jessica Alba Roller Coaster Ringlets hairstyles.Curl your hair with an extra large curling iron in large sections rolling away from your face. Work back through by hand with a small amount of shine serum to undo and piece the curls into shape.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 31

    Jessica Alba Curl Muse Hairstyles.Take large sections of dry hair and curl in alternating directions with a large or extra large curling iron. After breaking up the curls, ruffle your tresses slightly by rubbing lightly with your hands at your scalp then piece curls back into shape with pomade.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 32

    Jessica Alba Up Do Take Two hairstyles.Take sections on the surface of your dry hair and twist each before wrapping it around a large curling iron. Let the curl slip back out of the iron and pin it up to cool. Undo pins when the entire head is done and work through the curls to undo. Direct the hair back on top, then take a section of hair on either side and secure it in back with an elastic.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 33

    Jessica Alba Sweetly Up-Swept Hairstyles.Apply mousse and blow-dry with a half paddle or vent brush, lifting up at the root on top for volume. Apply a light styling spray and set hair on hot rollers, directing the curls back. Undo cooled rollers, run your fingers through your hair to softly direct it back into a bun or roll, securing into place with hair pins.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 34

    Jessica Alba Tucked Away Hairstyles.Create a deep side part, then use a light application of styling spray, rolling your hair back tucking it into a low ponytail or bun in back.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 35

    Jessica Alba Fringe Factor Hairstyles.Blow your strands dry with a paddle brush, then apply a loose curl with a large curling iron. Undo curls with pomade coated fingers.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles 36

    Jessica Alba Bob'n Along hairstyles.Use a pea-size dab of shine serum on damp strands before flat wrapping to the shape of your head while blow-drying with a paddle brush.
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