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    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesFor all the talk of how television shows have seen their cachet rise considerably in the past decade, with shows from The Sopranos to Mad Men and Glee winning fans around the globe, and big-name move directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese directing TV episodes, it still seems as hard as ever for a star made famous by television to make it big in cinema.

    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesThere are exceptions, such as George Clooney and Will Smith, but look at the struggle of the Friends cast, or more recently Jon Hamn's failure to land that killer movie role, and it soon becomes apparent that television and cinema are still, even in this golden age for the television series, largely separate entities.

    Lea Michele Hairstyles

    Lea Michele HairstylesThe latest star to be taking tentative steps to jump out of television is Glee's Lea Michele. Lea Michele landed a part in the Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall's ensemble drama New Year's Eve. Marshall's romantic drama takes place in New York at the end of the year, when resolutions are being made and love is being lost and found. The cast includes Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker and Zac Efron. The joke going around is that this is the movie that has every celebrity in the world appearing.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 1Lea Michele's scenes are mainly with Kutcher, who has been making headlines following his split with Demi Moore. The 25-year-old actress also recently revealed that Lea Michele has split from her beau, the Broadway actor Theo Stockman. Although Lea Michele has also been quick to state that they remain on amicable terms.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 2Playing in a star-laden ensemble is a smart move for the actress to make as Lea Michele starts slowly to think of a post-Glee career. In New Year's Eve, the attention will not just be on her – there is none of the focus that would have come had Lea Michele played a Lea Micheleding lady. Lea Michele already got the gift of the gab when it comes to movie promotion by talking up her on-screen kiss with Kutcher and revealing how one day on set he flaLea Micheled her.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 3The actress saw the incident as funny. Indeed, when I meet her Lea Michele displays a propensity to see the funny side in almost everything that has gone on in her life, ever since Glee creator Ryan Murphy saw Lea Michele working on the Broadway show Spring Awakening and began writing the part of Rachel Berry for her.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 4Now Glee is an institution. As well as the shows being watched by millions around the world, the songs and albums have become best-sellers, and the concerts sell out around the globe. Indeed, the London leg of the show this past summer made much out of the fact that songs sung by the motley crew of McKinley High School students have had more singles in the top 100 of the American Billboard chart than Elvis Presley, who previously held the record with 108 singles.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 5Of course, the major caveat is that the Glee cast only record cover versions. Lea Michele specialises in the songs of a fellow New Yorker, Barbra Streisand. Given that the part of Berry was written for the Bronx-born actress, it's perhaps no surprise that Lea Michele admits Lea Michele and Rachel have many similar personality traits.

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    Lea Michele Hairstyles 6I think we share more characteristics with our on-screen roles than we are willing to admit sometimes. I am a big Streisand fan, I come from Broadway and I love performing on stage, very similar to Rachel, Lea Michele state. "But not only that, I understand her drive. If you watch the show, and the last two episodes of Season 2, Lea Michele says 'I'm going to New York and I'm going to be a performer.' And I was and am very much like that. Very just driven and on the path of knowing what I wanted to be."
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